Wednesday, June 18, 2014

NoNoNo Know We Are Only What We Feel

Mixing elements of chillwave, electro, and pure pop Swedish synth trio NoNoNo are as icily cool as their homeland and are able to capture various moods at a moment's notice and weave it into something captivatingly catchy. Sounding a bit like Bat For Lashes, Deer Tracks, and even Kate Bush NoNoNo fully embrace the quirk pop aesthetic while glossing it over with accessibility. Their album, We Are Only What We Feel is a sparse, textural stroke of chilled brilliance that has a pop stardom coursing through its veins.

Using minimal arrangements, atmospheric washes, driving beats and heavenly vocals to it's advantage We Are Only What We Feel is hypnotizingly enthralling. Vocalist Stina Wappling casts a spell and commands you to listen as she sighs, coos, and whispers songs into your ears. It's all very seductive and sensual but unafraid of finding it's inner pop star. One listen to the monster of a hit, "Pumpin Blood," proves that. I mean, you can't crack the Top 40 without knowing or wanting to some degree of knowing what makes a hit and NoNoNo seemingly have that knowledge inherently built into them. And while they may have pop leanings but they are not a pop band, they're just to quirky for that. In any case, We Are Only What We Feel is a fantastic album that's ethereally beautiful, texturally deep, and fascinatingly fun.

NoNoNo have come up with a fantastic first album. We Are Only What We Feel 's sound palette is rich and cool, the songs are otherworldly and good and it's got a certified hit planted in the middle of it. Thoroughly enjoyable and decidedly different, NoNoNo are well on their way to making us all say, YesYesYes.

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