Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ned Doheny Gets Lost In Seperate Oceans

The fine folks at Numero continue to dig deep and and in places one would never think to look for undiscovered gems, diamonds in the rough, and tunes that need to be heard. Their latest find, is Ned Doheny's unheard of yacht rock classic Separate Oceans. Hop on your boat, chill some champagne, grab your partner and kick back because the good life has just set sail.

As with all yacht rock albums the schmaltz factor is on overdrive on Separate Oceans. This slightly cheesy, total loungetastic record sounds like the best Christopher Cross, Barry Manilow, Billy Joel, Elton John, Eagles collaboration that never happened. If you were to take polyester, cologne, and enough sexual innuendo to last an eternity you'd be on the same cruise ship as Ned Doheny. This is music for The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. Ned Doheny creates love making music with loads of acoustic guitars, lush keyboard arrangements, and a voice so velvety and convincing that no lady could possibly resist his musical advances. It's simply amazing that stuff like this was absolutely gargantuan when I was a kid because it's so incredibly overemotional and syrupy it's hard to take it seriously.

Schmaltz aside, as a historical artifact and a lost treasure Separate Oceans is a fun excursion that will have you reaching for an ascot and Top Siders. It's sneaky sexiness (see the first track), lush arrangements, gently rocking rhythms and smooth style win you over and wear you down. Maybe that's the point. In listening to this record, I can't help but wonder if I don't owe folks like Ned Doheny a little something because would an entire generation even be here if it weren't for records like his? So, thanks to Ned and the myriad of artists who sailed away in the 70's; where would our parents have been without them?

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