Saturday, June 14, 2014

Filastine Doesn't Suffer From Aphasia

Filastine is an artist that has continually pushed musical borders and experimented with sounds as if he were a mad scientist. He fears no sound, no idea, no genre and as a result his records cross the very ideals of what electronic, world, and music in general are defined by. His latest EP, Aphasia is a fine example of this endless desire to move things forward and push music in directions it might not want to go. Thankfully, it turns out the directions he wants to take music are directions we want to hear and be taken.

This four song EP is a stunning document of production wizardry, imagination, and creativity. Taking everything from found sounds to pentatonic vocal melodies and fusing them into something that while worldly is electronically produced. Broken beats bounce off layers of harmonies, hip hop productions intermingle with Middle Eastern rhythms and the whole thing sounds like the United Nations put to sound. While upon first listen it might all sound a bit chaotic and disjointed, further listens reveal gorgeous textures, rich sound palettes and a flair for creating odd rhythms that challenge but reward listeners. It's a very unusual but very beautiful sounding record that uses musical fragmentation to unify each song.

Aphasia is a really cool record that experiments with electronics, odd sounds and glorious melodies. It's odd combinations and strange arrangements take a listen or two to get used to, but once you do you realize that Filastine is one of the most imaginative and fearless electronic producers working today. Aphasia's undaunted nature and hypnotizing atmospherics make this one impressive little record (or cassette as it may be).

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