Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Francesca Blanchard Has Deux Visions

Deux Visions
the new album by Francesca Blanchard is truth in advertising as the album presents two views of this wonderful singer songwriter. On one hand you have the traditional singer songwriter with strummy guitars, lilting vocals, and a bit of heartbreak. On the other hand you have a French chanson artist who is intimate, beautiful, and lovelorn. When you take these two elements and mix them into one record you have an album that's filled with fragile beauty with a striking accent.

Francesca so easily writes songs that tug at your heartstrings that you'd swear she was in love with you. Deux Visions succeeds because even at it's most quiet, minimalistic point it still has your emotions in a bear hug and won't let them go. This is an album that's drenched in tears, an album that finds love in a thunderstorm, and leaves its lover at the airport gate. It's international feel makes it feel even more lovelorn and Francesca navigates English and French with such ease that I couldn't tell you where she's from or what her native language is.

Deux Visions is the sort of singer songwriter album I can actually tolerate because it's emotionally gut wrenching while being different from the nine zillion other singer songwriter albums out there. I love her French songs and I enjoy her English ones and her ability to turn a phrase makes her precious. This album doesn't rock or roll but lilt's along a gentle breeze generated by Cupid's wings. It's the sound of all that is good and bad about love and how we all need it for better or worse in our lives.

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