Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bosley Wants To Know Are We In Love?

Bosley is a Baltimore based singer songwriter who firmly understands that sometimes the old ways are the best ways. While he self describes his single, Are We In Love? as Outcast meets the Beach Boys, it is in reality a sexy groove laden jam that firmly embraces late sixties early seventies soul. The song lays down a fat drum beat that takes the song to heaven and back. It's a funky, horn led R&B groove that fits perfectly around Bosely's smokey laced voice. Throw in just enough trippy easy listening and cheesy 70's sound effects and you have something that's just about perfect.

The single is super tight and it's a melodious treat that's kept authentic with enough 70's production and sounds to make you reach for bell bottoms and join the Soul Train line.
Are We In Love? is a sensual romp through the past that's the perfect introduction to Bosley. He knocks it out of the ballpark here and while the single is just two different versions of the same song, if it's any slight indication of what an entire album from him will sound like we are in for something special. Visit for the download!

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