Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Chico Trujillo's Reina De Todas Las Fiestas

Chilean group Chico Trujillo have been around for roughly fifteen years and in the span of that time have grown to become leaders of Cumbia scene. What's interesting about Chico Trujillo is rather than doing this in Chile, they cut their teeth in Berlin. Yes, Berlin! Bringing the caliente to Germany Chico Trujillo took the party to Europe and since then have been just about everywhere else. Now with a global reach and full grasp of Chilean as well as South & Central American musical references these guys are rapidly becoming global legends!

Basically a party band with more energy than the Argentinian oil supply, Chico Trujillo load their album Reina De Todas Las Fiestas with enough horns, Latin percussion and shuffly danceable rhythms to make the dead dance. This record brings the tropical heat of Carnival and with the help of 30 piece brass band Banda Wiracocha there's no way this album couldn't be raucous. The rhythms, the movement and the energy of Reina De Todas Las Fiestas will make you feel as though you are in the middle of a massive street celebration. It's a stunning album of kinetic vivacity that never eases up or backs down. Chico Trujillo is on a mission to make sure you enjoy yourself while listening to Reina De Todas Las Fiestas and they succeed. This record will literally have you dancing in the streets.

Party music from South America that's in touch with the global pulse of musical culture is what Reina De Todas Las Fiestas is all about and throw in a never ending Cumbia beat and you have perfection. This is a fantastic effort that truly sees Chico Trujillo reaching the pinnacle of their career and they've done so with a fiesta in their heart.

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