Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Stanleys Are Always On

Australia's The Stanley's not only embraces the island continent’s legendary pop history but North America's as well and they turn it up to 11 and just go on their new record. Their latest single, Always, is a jumpy power pop affair that had it been released on Stiff Records in 1984 would have been huge. This is classic stuff that's filled with massive chords, cheery choruses, and an energy level that results from far too much espresso.

The four songs that make up Always are all top notch tunes that don't let you down. The title track alone is so sugary sweet that I have to visit my dentist tomorrow. Riffs chug, drums bash, and the vocals harmonize perfectly and the whole thing leaves you tingly. The Stanley's haven't reinvented the wheel here but they have taken that wheel polished it up and made it look and sound like new. Always is an impressive effort that as the press release says has one eye on the girl and the other on the car.

Ridiculously fun and super catchy Always is a classic in the making. Stiff Records might not be around anymore, but should they come back...they should sign these guys immediately.

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