Monday, September 24, 2012

Lemondade's Diver Down

Nothing says summer like Lemonade! Tasty and refreshing it's delicious...and so is the band of the same name. This dubby chilled out trio creates synth pop that's so laid back it's half asleep. Their album Diver is a sumptuous affair that's lush and a tad bit indulgent but always focused on a hook.

Dreamy, synthetically seductive and at times more Cut Copy than Cut Copy Lemonade are awesome at what they do. These guys’ craft songs that float lazily by, get lost in your dreams, and cling to your souls. With rolling beats, synth washes, and strung out vocals nothing about Diver is tense or excitable. In fact, this album is like being under hypnosis and slowly slipping into a state of unconsciousness. If ever there was a transcendental pop record Diver would be it.

Beautiful, unobtrusive and yet mesmerizing Lemonade's Diver is a deep record well worth getting your feet wet for. Like a dream of the great beyond, this is a record of moving on and getting lost in oneself and potentially never coming back. Lemonade have made a synth classic without exerting any energy at all and Diver is one of the coolest records to come out of the whole chillwave scene since its creation. So take the dive and pick up some won't be disappointed.

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