Monday, September 24, 2012

Green Machine & Obscene Robots

S*** Robot's new single Green Machine is a sci-fi futuristic techno pill munching monster from the year 2323. Green Machine is so futuristic that it sounds as if it were two secret tracks hidden on the Blade Runner soundtrack.  It's cold, calculated, and technologically terrifying and not surprisingly just about perfect.  The two tracks "Teenage Bass," and "Space Race," are churning, pounding tunes that have a relentless pursuit of all things futuristic.  Dance floor friendly yet highly atmospheric Green Machine is the sort of thing that works well in the club or your headphones.

A bit different than the Robot's album From the Cradle to The Rave, Green Machine is a tad more Krautish than I expected but still very, very good.  As the man himself said, "I just wanted to go back to my roots and make some dance 12's.  Music for people to get drunk and jump around to."  He’s done just that and the stuff is so out there that you might need a space suit to accomplish said good hop.  Green Machine is excellent and a fine return to form.  After spending some time with this record and floating off to space, I can't wait to hear more from this resurrected Robot.  I can’t wait to return again to his roots and come up with another brilliant pill munching self destructive single as Green Machine.

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