Friday, September 28, 2012

The Spy From Cairo Mixes Cultures On Arabadub

Imagine if you will the Middle East and Jamaica colliding in a musical sound clash of epic proportions. If you can imagine that event in your mind’s eye then you have an idea where the Spy From Cairo are coming from. Under the name of Arabadub this intriguingly spytastic record is mysteriously brilliant and features dubbed out sounds from the heart of the Middle East.

With traditional Middle East instrumentation mingling with echoed out influences Arabadub has a trans-oceanic plan to it. And honestly it should, because you see, The Spy From Cairo is Italian by birth, Gypsy by heritage and New Yorker by residence he's one artist that has his hands in the world music and dance music cookie jars. The dude clearly has talent and his ability to program, play, and produce it all himself is awesome. As a result of all of this, The Spy From Cairo has created a mysterious, intriguing, and alluring record that creates mental images of belly dancers, cafe's, and car chases through the bustling city of Cairo. It's awesome stuff that's imaginative and original and the fact that two polar opposites of music meet and work together so well is fantastic.

Arabadub is one of the more original world music albums I've heard this year. Its culture/sound clash works to a tee...if there's such a thing as a world music mash up Arabadub would be it. This is a trippy audacious record that never gets dull. It's modern and ancient sounds work so well together that you'll wish you were The Spy From Cairo.

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