Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Put On Your WhiteJacket For Hollows & Rounds

Apples In Stereo's main moog man has been busy since his departure from his normal day job as an Apple. Since that public event, Mr. McDuffie has been preparing and recording his debut solo album under the name of Whitejacket. Known as Hollows & Rounds the record is obviously influenced by Apple’s like melodies but fully channeling McDuffie's inner Kevin Barnes (ofMontreal) and Beatles to come up with something that's completely rooted in jangly guitars, Beatles-like productions and total 60's pop love.

Hollows & Rounds is fantastic indie pop that's slightly psychedelic, sunshiny and so in love with the classic pop sounds of the mid-60's it's hard to believe that this record was recorded in the last year. McDuffie is an awesome song writer and the guy could write an indie pop hit at the drop of a hat. In fact, that's kind of what he does through much of Hollows & Rounds; this thing is the definition of sunshiny sparkly pop. If you remember and adore the days when Elephant Six ruled the world, you'll absolutely love this record. With horns, keys, multi-part harmonies stacked on top of multi-part harmonies, and then all processed through the Vingtagetron 2000, the whole thing would make John Lennon smile and someone like The Association just give up.

Whitejacket have come up with something here that's obviously been influenced by its peers and its heroes. Rather than sounding just like them though, Whitejacket takes all that and personalizes it into something that's clearly their own. Hollows & Rounds is a frivolous and whimsical pop record that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face. They don't make records like this anymore and after listening to Hollows & Rounds a few times you'll wonder why...

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