Friday, September 28, 2012

194 Recordings Lauches

194 Recordings sampler is a four track run through four very different bands that hark back to the old Fierce Panda comps from the 90's where bands would come from every direction imaginable and appear on a seven inch. On this sampler we get four very different bands united on one convenient little record.

Leading off the record is Beast Make Bomb and their female fronted spiky punky pop that sounds something like Kenickie meets Tampasam in a great collision of 1997 bands on the run. It's particularly good, slightly angsty stuff that's catchy as the flu.

Following it up is a swaying breeze of a ballad from Kate Buchanan it's all heartache, slow guitars and singer songwriter vocals. Nothing too terribly bad but nothing particularly fantastic either.

Rioux hesitantly wake up just in time to record their contribution. “Everything You Need,” is sleepy, lazy, and slightly catatonic and pretty cool. It's not particularly energetic, but I suspect that's the point its dream pop...quite literally.

Brian Parker wraps up the whole thing with a beat filled Ian Brown-ish pop frenzy that harks back the King Monkey's first album. It's raw, a bit unpolished and just danceable enough to get your feet shuffling about. Its good stuff and the second best tune here.

Four songs, four approaches and four differing results. After the whole thing, I'd love to hear more of Brian Parker and see what he could do w/a drum machine and some quality production time.

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