Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bambi Lee Savage's Darkness Overshadowed

Bambi Lee Savage is someone who has quite literally been flying under the radar for the best part of three decades. This wandering singer songwriter has amassed quite a resume working with folks like Daniel Lanois, Einsturzende Neubauten, and the Bad Seeds while perfecting her own craft. Amazingly, Bambi has yet to let her secrets be revealed and she remains a very well kept secret. Her latest album, Darkness Overshadowed, is a haunting and chilling record that's yet another impressive record on her ever growing CV.

Intense, intimate, and atmospheric Darkness Overshadowed is a fascinating record that lives up to it's title. This is a brooding, emotionally charged, and gut wrenching listen with what sounds like lyrics sung between gritted teeth. It's atmospherics come from Mick Harvey who not only produced the record but also provided much of the backing instrumentation. It's a team up that makes Darkness Overshadowed a creepy slightly disturbing record that comes off at times sounding like a sedated nightmare. Bambi's voice is awesome and the subtle grittiness that she uses throughout the songs here really contribute to the intensity of the album. Heck, she even sings in German at one point. Darkness Overshadowed sounds as if Bambi and Mick made this record in a dark Victorian home without the aid of electricity or anything remotely modern. She's created a record of eerie songs that feel like ghost stories set to music.

Darkness Overshadowed is a fantastic record. The combination of Mick Harvey's sparse arrangements and Bambi's cold and detached voice create a folk album for goth kids. This is a dark and delicious record that occasionally raises it's voice but spends most of it's time lost in thought thinking of very bad things. After listening to Darkness Overshadowed perhaps it's best that Bambi Less Savage continues to fly under the radar...she might be a bit more than most people could handle. But, their loss is our gain and Darkness Overshadowed is a diamond in the rough.

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