Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Debruit Looks From The Horizon

Parisian synth artist Debruit does things with synths that aren't probably allowed by law. Using electronics and influences from as far away as West Africa, Debruit creates modern, glitchtastic, tunes that are a fascinating mix of the old and new world colliding at light speed. His album From The Horizon is a minimalistic and jumpy record that can barely hold still. It's good stuff that's as experimental as it is accessible and as passionate as it adventurous.

Finding samples from old African VHS tapes, field recordings, and other 20th century sources Debruit seemingly has an endless palette in which to create his robotic funk with. Melding all those sounds with his jerky, jumpy, rhythms and beats gives From The Horizon this worldly feeling that dance music is universal and that you can't stop a good groove no matter where you are. From The Horizon is energetic and inventive and there are so many original ideas bopping around this record it's almost hard to keep track of. It's the sort of record that will leave you scratching your head in a bemused and fascinated way; and that's a good thing.

Debruit has essentially created electronic music to safari to. With global influences taking center stage along with crisp beats From The Horizon is far from cliche and anything but boring. In fact, it's downright intriguing. I thoroughly enjoyed Debruit's constant experimentation, strange arrangements, and skewed pop sensibility. From The Horizon goes beyond the horizon and attempts to push things forward while still being brilliant and, really, what more can you ask for from a record? Not much I think.

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