Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tune In To TV Snow's Red

Way over on the western coast of Australia lies Perth. Not nearly as well known or as popular as say Sydney, Perth is still the largest city on the west coast of the continent and is quite the thriving metropolis in its own right. Within that metropolis is a thriving and healthy music scene in which TV Snow resides. This sunny power pop band are obviously influenced by their coastal Australian geography as well as bands seemingly a world away in the UK. Their album Red is a brilliant mix of Ozzy pop and British bands like Doves or even old Snow Patrol.

Packed with effervescence and energy Red is a hyper and kinetic record that jumps around recklessly while rebounding infectious melodies off of each other. It's exceptionally good stuff and TV Snow are very good at what they do. They channel all that spastic, hyper energy into their songs which makes them power pop purveyors of the highest order. Red is total pogo perfection and it's melodicism is second to none. "Death and Blues," for example manages to speed it's way through all four minutes of itself layering melodies on top of melodies, utilizing falsetto, sugary sweet choruses and enough power chords to fuel Perth for a month. It's a perfect example of why TV Snow's debut is so good.

They might be from the land down under but after listening to Red I'm quite convinced that TV Snow are ready to take on the world. An exceptionally strong debut, Red sounds like a band that has quietly honed it's skills for years just waiting for it's chance. This is it and these guys are ready to go. If you like power pop, 90's alternative or West Coast pop you'll absolutely want to tune in TV Snow.

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