Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Darling Farah's Body Of Work

Kamau Baaqi better known as Darling Farah is a Detroit born music producer who now lives in the vast desert country of UAE. He's just barely 20 and is quietly making a name for himself in the underground despite being isolated by geography and a corner of the world where techno is shunned. Let's face it when one things of electronic music hot beds the United Arab Emirates is not at the top of the list. But after listening to Darling Farah's album Body maybe it should be.

Obviously inspired by his birthplace and complete geographic isolation Darling Farah embraces minimalism and the stark reality surrounding him with joy. The result is an album that's spartan, barren, and as vast as the desert that engulfs the Middle East. It's an expansive record that throbs and pulses like a robotic heartbeat combing the dunes for sustenance. Body is an epic work that sprawls out across sine and cosine waves into infinity riding the crests of sparse beats and basslines that bore into your skull.

This ambient and subdued record takes techno opens it wide open, envelopes you, and then slows your heart rate down to next to nothing. Body washes over you and transports you to a future disco where time, space, geography, and reality collide in a dour mix of the end and the beginning. Darling Farah is an imaginative producer and his futuristic landscapes are something to behold. He might live in the Middle East but his mind is clearly lost in space. Body is an epic delight that simply needs to be heard to be believed.

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