Saturday, February 2, 2013

Global Bass Volume 3 Continues The Dubbed Beats

UrbanWorld Records returns with another installment of their rather brilliant series Global Bass. Volume 3 is really no different than the first two in the sense that the label has scoured the planet for funky bass ridden dubbed out tunes that are guaranteed to make you move. Finding them in just about every corner of the globe Global Bass Volume 3 is a trans world feast of beats, synths, and global grooves that moves to it's own rhythm.

With influences coming from Colombian pico, Frafa, and grimy urban warehouses this compilation literally has left no stone or country unturned in its search for ways to make people shake something. This is the sort of record that's for people who hate dance music because it's so ridiculously diverse but so simple in its groovy message that it's just about impossible to resist it's charms. I simply love the fact that spaced out synths find a home next to accordions and deep echoing beats and that they all mesh together into this international rave of booming proportions.

There's very little to dislike here. Global Bass Volume 3 is a fantastic introduction, not only, to world music and those afraid to try it, but to the brilliance of UrbanWorld Records as well. This is a fantastic exploration of sound that's diverse, different and danceable. It's so good that you'll be left waiting to see what UrbanWorld has up its sleeves for Volume 4.

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