Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Le Pop Returns With Volume 7

The ongoing saga that is the brilliant Le Pop series continues with the addition of the seventh volume in the series. As always, Le Pop features the latest and greatest in chanson, french pop and in it's constant effort to branch out now even features songs that are straight from the disco. These non-traditional variations might be a bit of a shock to the system but in typical Le Pop fashion there's not a duff track in the bunch. Having listened to this series from the start I believe I know the reason why this series has been as successful as it has and that’s because the material featured in each and every volume is always top notch stuff.

From up-tempo, nearly twee tunes to angular pop, Le Pop is all over the map and illustrates the depth and breadth of chanson music now days. This isn't your grandmother's French pop anymore; it's more like shabby chic pop music that's in love with the sixties as much as it is the noughties. It's far more than just Serge covers...way more. With loads of new artists making an appearance on these compilations, the content is always fresh and crisp and on the cutting edge of the French pop scene.

Simply put, no matter the volume Le Pop never disappoints. From the nearly traditional sound of Brigitte's, “Bailez Vous,” to Lescop's extremely danceable, “La Foret,” this record, like its cousins proves itself to be essential. The entire Le Pop series is amazing as a whole and I always look forward to each release, not only because I'm totally in love w/the girl on the covers but because every song is masterful, seductive, and pop perfection. This is the sort of record and series that would even make someone like John McCain scream, "Vive Le France!"

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