Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Lumineers Illuminate

In world where Mumford and Sons are bigger than sliced bread it was only a matter of time before similar bands began to appear with similar sounds and records. Among the more acceptable groups are the Lumineers. This group out of Denver takes folk rock, a smattering of Arcade Fire's artfulness, and a bit of The Decemberists' tweeness and pieces together a creative blend of folk and indie that's not dull. Their self titled album is a good listen that swerves right and left from being just another folk pop record and managed to hold my interest until the very end.

The Lumineers create songs that seemingly yearn to be listened to. They shout, holler, whoop, and call out to get your attention and through the use of this technique as well as fascinating musical arrangements they grab it. This is far from a boring record, it's arty and homey and sounds warm and inviting. This is the perfect record for a miserable day when grey skies make you ponder everything around you and your place in it. It's thoughtful stuff that tugs at your emotions throughout and that alone makes it better than 95% of most other records labeled as folk or folk pop.

Sure there are strummy guitars and intimate moments but there are bombastic drums, those shouts and moments which will make you jump. The Lumineers do not lull you to sleep but constantly keep your brain and ears moving (if that's possible). These guys are different, sound different, and have songs that just feel different. While I normally don't like the quieter end of things, The Lumineers managed to keep my attention throughout their record and that in and of itself is an accomplishment. Cheers, boys!

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