Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Helio Sequence Embark On Negotiations

Ya know, the band Helio Sequence always reminds me of DNA. I'm not sure exactly why but I suspect it has something to with it's proximity to sounding like it's part of the double Helix that makes up DNA. Anyway, scientific explanations aside, this atmospheric and dreamy band has returned after a four year absence with their new album Negotiations. After spending some time with this record its easy to say that this release is a woozy doozy spellbinding trip beyond reality.

At times sounding like Echo and the Bunnymen if they were placed on Lithium, Helio Sequence are an ethereal bunch that coax their inner dream popper into something far more grandiose and spectacular. Songs are massive in scale and scope and they seem to spread out over the course of the record filling in every possible gap. The record is gauzy, hazy, dreamy and utterly fantastic. This is a record that conquers your ears with slow, translucent passages that barely raise a ruckus but still find a way to attach themselves to your consciousness. Helio Sequence tune their guitars to shimmer and the vocals to sigh and then just coast heavenward through all of Negotiations.

If ever a record was sleepy in the best possible way this would be it. It seems as though Negotiations was recorded under hypnosis and Helio Sequence were simply too mesmerized by the process to emerge from it. This is a record that is seemingly intimate but in reality rather epic. It's songs are gargantuan and gorgeous and it's effect is calming and peaceful. If there's beautiful guitar music to be had in this day and age, Helio Sequence are making it and no Negotiations are necessary.

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