Monday, January 7, 2013

Niki and the Dove

Niki and the Dove answer the question what would happen if Stevie Nicks were to join electro weirdos The Knife. This dynamic duo are such dead ringers for that dynamic duo that it's almost impossible to ignore. Their album, Instinct is a lush, sensual, seductive electro slash synthpop record that seems to be covered in luxurious swathes of electronics and vocals that could melt your heart. This is one heck of a record that's sexuality practically oozes out of the speakers.

Instinct is gorgeous music for gorgeous people. It's opulent, crystalline, gauzy, and at times otherworldly. In fact, vocalist Mailin sounds like at angel, cooing and sighing her way through the haze of synths and beats as if she were from the great beyond. It's all very alien sounding and is cool to the touch but warm and in love on the inside. It's a stupendous sounding album whose production seems to bathe itself in translucent sounds that hit your ears like waves caressing a deserted shore. Call Niki and the Dove chillwave, electro, or whatever the heck you want just make sure you understand that Instinct is an excellent album.

Complete with hipstertastic imagery (cheetahs...really??), ridiculously great hooks, and enough chilled beats to lull you into another world, Niki and the Dove are the latest dynamic duo to knock it out of the park. Instinct is an awesome record, it's heavenly synths and lovelorn vocals hit you right between the ears. It's a record that encourages you to just sit back and go along for a ride into the afterlife. Dreamy and seductive Instinct wraps itself around your heart and never, ever lets go.

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