Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mystic Underground Share Dreamers And Lovers

Remember when the first She Wants Revenge album came out? Remember how perfectly it blended it's inner goth with it's inner electroclash scenester and totally decimated the dance floor? If you don't you should because you're hip and cool right? And well if you don't The Mystic Underground is here to help you remember just how monumental the mixing of goth and electro can be. Their latest ep Dreamers and Lovers is a clove smoking, trench coat wearing, rope pulling excursion into darkness.

Dreamers and Lovers in a word is awesome. This is a darkly delicious record whose synths pulsate in the shadows while brooding beats kick and stomp across every song in steel toed boots. It's a lush, opulent record that just happens to be shrouded in mystery and the beauty of love. Dreamers and Lovers is a gorgeous record that soaks you in synthetic sensuality and seductive danceable beats. At a disturbingly short five tracks, Dreamers and Lovers only begins to hint at what The Mystic Underground have in-store for us. However, if this is any indication, any sort of full length album would be a momentously murky but brilliant affair. One can only hope that they can set aside the Dreamers and Lovers in their lives and make haste with recording a full length album.

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