Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Demos Aren't Primitive

Holy confusing covers Batman...Talk about a graphic design fail, I couldn't sort out if TheDemosPrimitive album was a record called Primitive or if the band was named Primitive and this were TheDemos of the said band. Totally confused I consulted their handy dandy bio (which they were nice enough to enclose) and realized that it was indeed The Demos and their single Primitive. Ok...so now that is sorted out...the record is over. Ugh.

Having restarted from the beginning I can now tell you that Primitive the single is a short two song blast of west-coast inspired pop music that's light on it's feet, jolly in it's intentions and catchy as the flu. Armed with six members (up from just two) the band takes the stuff that made folks like The Tyde, Teenage Fanclub, and of course The Beach Boys famous and puts a modern slant on it all and then proceed to knock it out of the park. The result being tunes that are simple and melodically masterful; Just listen to, "Neon," and you'll see what I'm talking about. This is a great little single that's syrupy sweet and melodically muscular and if it's any hint of what their next album is going to sound like then this band should probably change their name from TheDemos to TheMasters...because they're way better than a grotty rough sounding demo.

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