Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Black Swans Occasion For Song

The Black Swans latest album Occasion For Song leaves the question...what's the occasion? Because despite the title, I can't really find the reason/occasion for these songs. This is a countrified album of songs that are quietly intense, slow paced, and sound like Jason Molina lent his identity to yet another band. It's not terribly bad in any way shape or form, it just lacks a certain energy that makes me want to listen to this record again and again.

In a way this kind of makes sense as The Black Swans seems to be going through the process of healing throughout Occasion For Song. Having lost a founding member during the whole process it's commendable that this album even exists, that they even want to hear this album again much less still exist as a band. So there's a strong reason for this record almost sounding to difficult to listen to and if you can make it all the way through I commend you. The emotion that is contained within the songs here borderlines on being too much to handle but who can blame the band after losing a friend? Want to talk about emotional weight just ask these guys.

With a rustic feel, minimal instrumentation, talkative singing, and a sense of despair and healing The Black Swans have seemingly created a cathartic experience with Occasion For Song. The feel good hit of the year this is not, but it's been therapeutic for the band and if you've been through anything rough it kind of can work for you as well. Cleansing, heavy, and done with a heavy heart Occasion For Song is an album that's about as genuine as genuine gets.

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