Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jaill Set Traps

Jaill is one of Sub Pop's best kept secrets. Quietly this indie rock band has put together quite the little discography of proper good old fashioned American style indie rock. And while their last album was shambolic, chaotic and noisy it's quite apparent about five minutes into Traps that their new album is nothing of the sort. Somewhere in between their last album and this one the band discovered their Apples In Stereo, Elf Power, and Olivia Tremor Control records and decided to head down that path. This was a good decision.

Traps is packed to the rafters with jangly, frivolous, melodic, and fun indie rock that at times you'd swear was a long lost Apples In Stereo record. The songs are all sugary sweet, instantly memorable, and shuffly enough to stir any indie club dance floor. The melodies are sharp, the guitars are jangly and fun, and the whole thing sounds like the best thing that should have come out in 1998 but didn't. Traps is really that good and it's awesome how the band totally slammed on the breaks, switched directions and cranked out something that's as good, if not better, than their previous efforts. Put it this way there are a few melodies on this record that will have you swearing they were removed from Pet Sounds and pasted in the middle of this album. No, really.

Jaill have created a indie pop work of art here. With joyous melodies, jolly guitars, and a overwhelming sense of happiness Traps is an enjoyable listen. Whether it's Apples in Stereo, early Of Montreal or the whole host of old Athens bands, Jaill has taken pages from their books and written their own story with them. Traps will win you over without the use of any such devices...just really good songs and a lot of fun.

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