Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ludovico Einaudi's Taranta Project

Italian composer, conductor, and pianist Ludovico Einaudi's latest album Taranta Project is a record that's at the crossroads between the east and the west. A record melding Turkish and West African traditions with classical music structures and beat of trance Taranta Project is a meditative exploration of sounds from around the Mediterranean. Einaudi over the course of this record has created a lush and diverse album that's expansive and creative in it's approach. As noted in his bio, he's taken the traditions of these areas and has given it a fresh seasoning from the future.

Taranta Project is a fantastic record because of the fact that all these influences and musical structures work in harmony together to create a truly global groove. The music that Einaudi creates throughout this record is hypnotic and soulful and filled with musical passion. It truly is awesome how he so easily composes songs that go from ancient to modern in the drop of a 4/4 beat. If he is indeed at the crossroads between East and West Einaudi has chosen to go both way at the same time.

Taranta Project is a unique idea strung together with beauty and energy. Ludovico Einaudi has created a globe trekking exploration of the Med on this record and it's an aural postcard of the traditions and beauty associated with every sound that makes an appearance. This might not be as great as being there...but it's darn near close. 

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