Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Grave Babies Wage Holographic Violence

Imagine, if you will, a world in which the Sisters of Mercy only played records on broken record players. It's a world where time, space, and sound are warped, turned around in on itself. It's world that's dark, dreary, doomy and noisy but frighteningly cool. If you can get your head around all of that then you have an idea where the perfectly named Grave Babies come from.

The Babies album Holographic Violence is just that...a brutal and violent gothtastic album that squishes your hopes, dreams, and joy. It's a dark foggy record created by a band that may or may not be undead; if Goths can die this may be what they sound like in the afterlife. Let's put it this way, Holographic Violence is the sort of record the Jesus and Mary Chain would make if they were zombies. It's all bizarre guitar sounds, twisted vocals, warped riffs and things that shouldn't be. It's a bizarre record that just so weird that it's mind numbingly good. Guitars are wrangled, drum sounds are beaten to near death and the vocals sound as if they are heavily sedated; Holographic Violence should not work in any way shape or form but it does. It's strangely catchy at times and absolutely terrifying at others. It's the sort of record that will haunt your dreams and ears for decades to come and that's probably why I like it.

Grave Babies don't look like they're in touch with their inner goth but after one listen to Holographic Violence I think you'll agree these rockers much rather smoke clove cigarettes and wear trench-coats than be vegetarian and ride fixed gear bicycles. Holographic Violence is a spirit destroying trip through the soundtrack of depression. This is what happens when the Zoloft doesn't work and bands are allowed to form and quite honestly I'm OK with that. If gothdom could ever be cool The Grave Babies are bound and determined to make it happen and do so with a song in there blackened and depressed heart.

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