Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Silva's Jupiter Is A Work Of Cosmic Beauty

Silva’s Jupiter is a musical tribute to the largest planet in our solar system and is inspire by pop, bossa nova, electronica and even chanson.  Led by 27 year old Espirito Santo and his endless fascination by the planet the album is a bit unusual and geeky when you think about it.  Who’s inspired and endlessly curious about a planet nowadays that isn’t in NASA or ESA?  Not very many people but I think that’s what makes Jupiter feel so special it’s an honest and spacious (so to speak) record that reflects the size and strength of the planet.

With Jupiter Silva (Santo) challenged himself to step away from layering endless amounts of music on top of each other.  Instead he chose a more organic and minimal structure that despite its implications still is expansive and vast.  Jupiter is a sumptuous and sensual record that takes elements of hip hop and electronica and chills them to perfection.  The album is a slow moving gyration of steaminess.  The record isn’t blatantly sexy but the slow moving beats, near jazzy atmospheres and whispered vocals create an atmosphere that makes it that way.  From pulsating bass lines, tickled pianos and slow steady beats this record slowly builds up a cold sweat. 

You might not have any idea what Silva is saying on Jupiter but you don’t really need to.  The overarching chilled out vibe and stirring musical passages convey all the messaging you need.  Jupiter is as beautiful as the galaxy itself and as magnificent and majestic as the planet that it’s named after.  Not world music by any stretch of the imagination Silva had created a chilled global downtempo work of awesomeness. 

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