Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Take Maserati VII For A Spin

From the world of automobile named post-rock bands comes Maserati. Named after the incredibly cool Italian sports car company (I'm assuming) this group of musicians turns on the ignition, gives it some gas and just goes with the flow. That of course is to be expected when your named Maserati, in fact you kind of expect a band like this to make albums perfectly designed for driving under a variety of conditions while taping Top Gear. And while they may not be Jeremy Clarkson, the band manage to create a rocket powered trip through sci-fi landscapes on their latest album Maserati VII.

Using synths, guitars, and nary a vocal anywhere, Maserati actually share a bit in common with fellow auto-themed band Trans Am. But, while Trans Am slowly evolved into a bizarre electro pop band, Maserati have remained true to their sound and continued to ponder the universe and automobile through instrumental jams. Maserati VII is awesome, futuristic, crazy stuff that if you're not careful will inspire you to speed through traffic at light speed. It's expansive and infinite in it's reach and the four guys that make this fast paced tour de force are incredible musicians who are willing to push the boundaries of their instruments in the name of a cool soundscape. Maserati VII is the sort of record that will keep your mind gripped and gas pedal floored throughout; you just strap in, hang on, and hope you make it to the end.

Absolutely mesmerizing, imaginative, loud, speedy, cool and good Maserati VII is post rock for the Top Gear crowd. In fact, somewhere right now, the Stig is driving around a mountainside at breakneck speed with Maserati VII blasting out of the car and you know he loves it. Like the Maserati, Maserati VII is a high performance vehicle that occasionally needs the carbon blown out of it so why not pick this record up, start your engines, and take it for a test drive.

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