Thursday, January 10, 2013

One Line Reviews Volume 3

And here we are once again with another volume of One Line Reviews. We wrap up 2012 here with another series of short, sweet, and to the point reviews. We hope you enjoy reading them and hopefully will pick up some of these records.


Dum Dum Girls: End of Daze (Sub Pop)
Another day another record by the Dum Dum Girls. And that's ok. A bit more gazey than usual, this is still a perfect record that's equal part twee and brokenhearted. Oh how I love these guys.

Metz: s/t (Sub Pop)
Remember when Sub Pop was only grunge (ask your dad)? This record harks back to those days so much so that Metz's tune, "Bats," sounds disturbingly similar Nirvana's, "Negative Creep." Awesome post-grunge grunge...break out the flannel and whiskey. Here we go again.

Ana Gazzola: Musicas e Palavras Dos Bee Gees (Fuel)
Imagine the songs of the Bee Gees sung in Spanish all very seductively by the lovely Ana and you have this record down pat. "How Deep Is Your Love," will leave you in tears. Seriously.

LCD Soundsystem: Shut Up And Play The Hits (Oscilloscope)
As the tag line says...the very lound ending of LCD Soundsystem. Simply an amazing DVD sprawled out across three DVD's. If you love Mr. James Murphy than you definitely need this thing. It's a rave to the grave here. Essential.

Defiler: Nematocera (Razor & Tie)
Melodic metalcore that's got vocals screaming and growling everywhere while grinding riffs churn like butter. It's almost like Carcass if they slowed down...but you know this is all done with studio wizardry instead of being authentic. Regardless, this isn't bad at all.

For the Fallen Dreams: Wasted Youth (Artery)
Well this started out ok...then all these wimpy emo vocals came in and killed the sheer power of this record. Shove the emo kid out of the band and just grind it out guys.

Chelsea Grin: Evolve (Razor & Tie)
Melodic rifftastic metal that combines Dragonforce like guitars with soaring vocals and bucket loads of death grunts. It's interesting stuff that feels like axe blades being repeatedly rammed into your skull.

InDyingArms: Boundaries (Artery)
If Gollum was in a deathcore band this would be the one. Completely frenzied stuff that alternates between spazzcore, Mortician, and doom metal. It's atmospheric, kind of screamo, but surprisingly rather good.

A Bullet For Pretty Boy: Symbiosis (Artery)
You'd think with a name like that they wouldn't be emo/screamo...and they're not really. Instead of overpowering death grunts and screams the band seems to layer in synths and thrashes around a bit more than usual. It's not bad stuff to be honest and the design on this project is top notch. It doesn't look like a metal record at all which I really like.

Close To Home: Momentum (Razor & Tie)
Soaring emotastic stuff that looks and sounds like a million bucks. These guys are polished, produced, and deadly. It's nothing really original, but they fill in the template rather nicely and their soaring choruses will melt girls hearts everywhere. This is the sound of angst.

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