Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Analog Players Society Jet CKY To JFK

The latest record from the Analog Players Society is a three song EP that goes by the name CKY to JFK. Quite simply put this is music for globe trekking (hence the airport codes in the title: JFK = New York, CKY = Guinea). The three songs that make up this record features all sorts of sounds and vocal approaches and the result is a record that sees West African vibes colliding with chilled out grooves in a burst of color and vibrancy.

CKY to JFK as they proudly state was recorded with state of the art 70's technology and features tons of traditional and electronic instrumentation grooving together. As a result of this one love strategy you have an EP that's more diverse and yet more unified than some bands entire output. It's a short but sweet record that packs one heck of a global wallop in the span of 18 minutes and further proves that Analog Players Society will leave no stone unturned for a cool song or a new sound. These guys are globe trekkers and preservationists searching the planet for unique songs and CKY to JFK is just their latest stopover on a never ending journey into sound.

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