Thursday, October 25, 2012

Best Coast Is The Only Place To Be

Best Coast's new album The Only Place is a smiley happy record for smiley happy people. It's the sort of record that has no idea how to be sad, downtrodden, or depressed. As a result of this The Only Place is just about as close to a perfect indie pop record as one can get today.

Best Coast have constructed a giddy, fizzy, spunky record that sounds like Little Red Car Wreck with the occasional detour into swoon-some girl group pop straight out of 1961. It's a gorgeous and endearing record that sounds like the coolest crush you've ever had. It's sweet, touching, and fun to be around. If there's something to be "ga ga" over, it would be this record. There's only guitars, drums, and super saccharine-ish vocals all played by two people. The Only Place's charms are simple and sweet and this is a record to fall deeply in love with; it's worth because it will love you back. This is the sort of record that tugs at your heart strings and makes you yearn for spring days, long walks, and long embraces.

After spending time on the Best Coast there really is only one place to be and that's The Only Place. This is an exceptionally melodic, tuneful, and upbeat record that's an absolute joy to listen to repeatedly. The Best Coast are awesome and The Only Place is a good place to be. If you like heartfelt music with a grin and a hug you'll love this album. Happiness doesn't come much funner than this. Seriously.

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