Thursday, February 18, 2016

Zona's Quest For Peace, Love and Understanding

I have to admit, I didn’t give Zona’s Peace, Love and Understanding any chance of being good.  I mean look at the cover.  It’s not good; it just isn’t.  Then I put the disc in and holy frehole I was taken aback at what I was hearing.  Peace, Love and Understanding is a mind numbing house record that harks back to all those classic late 90’s records that made mega-clubs temples to 4/4 time. 

Peace, Love and Understanding is packed with 12 tracks of sensual disco influenced vocal house that are so damn sexy and groove laden you’ll be spilling champagne all over the dance floor.  What’s truly different about this record is Zona’s use of live instrumentation in addition to the soulful vocals of Angela McGary, Chezere Brathwaite, Jackie Wilson, Wade Chandler, Chellena Black and Valarie Moise.  Brimming with positivity and packed with dancefloor friendly grooves this record is about as close a musical religious experience as you are likely to have.  Listening to Peace, Love and Understanding reminded me how much I miss this traditional taken on house music.

Zona has created a euphoric, upbeat, glittery, sexy house record with Peace, Love and Understanding. It might be a cliché saying but nothing about this record is cliché except for how wrong I was to judge it by its cover.   In a world littered by dirty and aggressive dance music, Zona reminds us how sensual and positive the genre can be when it’s at its best.  Peace, Love and Understanding is an understated and subdued classic that needs to be in your life.          

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