Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lakou Mizik Bring The Beauty of Haiti Home On Wa Di Yo

Formed in the wake of the Haitian earthquake of 2010 Lakou Mizik is makde up of a diverse collection of musicians coming together to make music together.  Various religious, social and economic strata are represented within the group and each have united to tell stories and share their struggles.  The resulting musical tales are encapsulated on Wa Di Yo.  Spanning generations Lakou Mizik create Afro Caribbean call and response harmonies that are as celebratory as they are introspective.

Wa Di Yo is a gorgeously tropical record that’s in a constant state of motion.  Its rhythms and grooves have a pop sensibility about them while being introspective and thoughtful.  The record’s uncomplicated feel and multipart harmonies are simply awesome and give the album a sense of nimbleness throughout.  Steeped in Haitian and Creole culture and influenced by generations of music the record is an intriguing picture of Haitian culture today.    This is a country that has been through one of the worst natural disasters of the last twenty years and somehow, some way the people have a spirit of resiliency about them.  This spirt pulsates through Wa Di Yo and guides many of the songs. 

Lakou Mizik is a band that has seen more than its fair share of dark days but instead of dwelling on them they’ve chosen to move forward.  Wa Di Yo is the sound of healing and inspiration and it’s simply fantastic stuff.   Although it sounds world away, Wa Di Yo brings the spirit and culture of Haiti straight to your heart.  It’s a great record that’s brimming with positivity and hope and there’s nothing the matter with that!

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