Monday, February 24, 2014

Tiecolo Sissoko's Keme Borama

Tiecolo Sissoko's Keme Borama is another record of stellar Malian music in a long line of stellar albums. It's quality and dedication is a tribute to the musicians living in an insufferable political climate where music is banned and playing it can actually be deadly. It's somewhat unsurprising then, that Keme Borama is Sissoko's first published work. Dedicated to overcoming boundaries with honesty, purity, and beautiful songs Tiecolo Sissoko and his band have created a pure and simple work of gorgeousness.

Keme Borama is an acoustic album featuring Tiecoro's intricate guitar work and intimate vocals. With a minimalism that would make minimalism seem overproduced Sissoko is truly an amazing musician who doesn't need much to convey his message and music. His traditions and lineage are present all over this record and his role as a Griot and the protector of his history is reassured throughout. This is pure, uncomplicated, emotional and truly heartfelt this awesome record proves music can conquer any obstacle.

An admirable effort Keme Borama is the sort of record that anyone who listens to music needs to appreciate. Sissoko's dedication and honesty is beyond admirable and his ability to successfully do something that could end up killing him makes him a hero in my eyes. Simply put, Keme Borama is an essential listen.

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