Sunday, August 21, 2011

Paul Bryan Listens

I'm not sure what's going on in Germany right now, but it seems like the nation is in the midst of an easy listening revival. Paul Bryan's Listen is the second album from a German label that seems as though as if it's come straight from the 70's to usher in a revival of soft sounds. In truth, that's exactly what's happened as Listen is a reissue from Ryan, a Brazillian artist originally influenced by British and American music from the early 70's.

Sounding something like early Chicago or maybe even Stevie Wonder with a strange accent, Listen has every 70's soft rock cliche down to a tee. There's the string arrangements, the horns, the brushed drums, the whispered vocals, the light as air atmosphere that's designed to soothe as well as entertain. It's crazy how, despite the obvious accents, Paul Bryan constructed an album thats almost more American sounding than American artists of the time; I think that's the reason why I find it pretty darn cool.

Listen truly is a brilliant tribute to it's influences and sounds as if it were scientifically pieced together and then tested for authenticity. From the sumptious strings of, "Window," to the piano led gentility of, "Who To Blame," Listen is a study in 70's soft rock/easy listening perfection. You can't buy entertainment like this today and the fact that Sonar Kollektive has unearthed this South American relic and reissued is truly cool!

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