Saturday, August 20, 2011

Atari Teenage Riot Return

In thinking back, I don't think there has been a day in Atari Teenage Riot's existence where they've ever been content, happy, or calm. For nearly 20 years, if not more, ATR have been making extremely angry, political, and intelligent music for the cyberpunk generation. With today's current global political climate, financial situation, and the countless wars scattered around the world it only makes sense then that they continue that tradition on their "comeback," album, Is This Hyperreal.

An album for the Google generation, the record is brutal and ready to fight for every inch of soil it can lay its hand on. Covering everything from human trafficking, internet regulation, Wikileaks, hacker activism and everything in between...if the Matrix were a record this would be it. Pretty much redefining what cyberpunk is, yet again, ATR crank up the drum machines, destroy a few synths, scream their guts out and create one of the most urgent records of the year. This is the sound of music fighting the power and coming away victorious.

While not quite as fast or gut wrenching as the first few ATR records, let there be no doubt that Is This Hyperreal is anything less than brutal. This is pure electronic mayhem that is designed to cause a panic and chaos wherever it is heard. (As if to prove my point, several of my co-workers are currently hiding under their desks as I listen to this record.) Is This Hyperreal is the sound of angst in the 21st's urgent, aggressive and guaranteed to cause fear in the hearts of those who don't understand it.

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