Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Was A Cub Scout Have Hope

I Was A Cub Scout began in 2006, when Todd Mariott began writing songs on his own with a drum machine. He was only sixteen. Will joined later that year and I Was A Cub Scout, as they are now, were born. The year and a half that followed was a whirlwind. They've played over two hundred shows, toured Europe and the UK, played shows with Panic! At The Disco, Babyshambles, Editors, forward Russia, mewithoutYou and Minus The Bear. And somewhere In the middle of all this, Todd even turned eighteen and the band released their latest album I Want You To Know There Is Always Hope.

I Want You To Know There Is Always Hope seems almost an appropriate title for their record considering what the global community is going through. The music that accompanies the title is just as hopeful as well. Bright, crisp, and catchy I Was A Cub Scout sounds something like a better, more melodic Death Cab for Cutie. Todd Mariott's voice is like a less whiny version of Ben Gibbard's and sounds almost happy at times. His voice lends the songs on I Want You To Know There Is Always Hope a pop sheen that makes the songs heartwarming and cheerful.

What's truly amazing about I Want You To Know There Is Always Hope is the fact that its made by a couple of kids fresh out of school. When you consider that they're so fresh faced and have been on a whirlwind of non-stop experiences that are new and different, they've handled themselves incredibly well by doing what they apparently do best, creating a brilliant piece of pop. And I Want You To Know There Is Always Hope is rather brilliant. It's far reaching and nearly epic in it's aspirations. It's an upbeat album that takes it's title to heart and shines like a light through the sea of emotional cliches.

"We Were Made To Love," is a perfect example of just how radiant and polished this record is. Sounding like a Postal Service outtake, the bubbling synths and drum machines lead this song into the pop heavens with soaring vocals and a chorus that rings true. Add in other sparkly tunes like, "Save Your Wishes," and "Our Smallest Adventures," and you have an album that is bursting at the seams with chiming guitars, sugary sweet synths, and melodies that will haunt you for days. I Was A Cub Scout might be a group of teens, but after listening to I Want You To Know There Is Always Hope you'll swear these guys have been doing this for over a decade. The songs of youth have never sounded so good.  

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