Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ozere Free The Quartet With Finding Anyplace

Emerging from the strict confines of the string quartet, Ozere has striven to expand beyond them and take the possibility of a quartet to the next level. Mixing classical influences with world music and folk elements Ozere seems to be well underway to pushing the boundaries of what a modern string quartet can be and do. Their album Finding Anyplace is a tranquil and refreshing exploration of how mixing elements of different genres can work in harmony.

Finding Anyplace takes classical string focused structure and tampers with it's dynamics. And while the strings for the most part stay the center and launching point of the band, they share the spotlight with the vocals of Emily Rockards and Jessica Deutsch. Lending a tender folk sound to the album Rockards and Deutsch give the rigid structure of the quartet a gentle nudge into more song based arrangements. Those moments are nice and intimate but Ozere really does their best work as a modern string quartet. Finding Anyplace has a loosely Celtic/Gypsy feel to it and the string arrangements are beautifully delicate, worldly, and atmospheric. The guitar work, violins, bass, and cello arrangements are simply stunning and will give you goosebumps. The instrumental pieces have this old world feel to them that feels simple yet texturally complicated; it's a bit of time travel stuffed into a five minute song.

Finding Anyplace is a fantastic effort and Ozere have done an amazing job at finding their niche and crafting an album that transports you away from the confines of your modern life. They have successfully taken the string quartet and given it a modern slant by mixing traditional old world sounds and folk music into a stirring mix. If ever there was a “classical crossover,” sort of album Finding Anyplace would have to be it. Finding Anyplace is well worth finding anyplace you can find it!

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