Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wolves At Bay Release Postvention With A Cause

Connecticut's Wolves At Bay have released their latest EP, Postvention with a good cause in mind. This new record featuring new versions of two old songs and two cover tunes is released as a name your own price, but donations given are being turned over to Prevent Suicide CT. Great tunes for a great cause, if you ask me.

The EP itself is a four song blast of post-hardcore/pseudo-emo stuff with soaring vocal climaxes, guttural growls and chugging riffs; the whole package. From a heaviness standpoint, "Bedside Manner (reprise)," is the heaviest tune here. It's a crunchy short blast of fire that sets the EP off in fine fashion and when it kicks in, it kicks hard. "Know Why," is a brooding alternative to the original that kind of plods along a bit darkly and almost comes off as a sort of acoustic version. The two covers on the record, "Mother Mary," (a Far cover) and "Rudderless," (a Lemonheads cover) are a lot of fun. I like the fact that they're all over the map here and both versions of these songs are fun and fairly well done; I like, "Rudderless,"the best as it's almost a bit true to the original.

With a good cause in mind and good tunes on record Postvention is well worth a donation and getting karma on your side. Head over to the band's site for details.

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